Monday, 25 October 2010

The Big day has now been and gone.....Roll on April 30th 2011

Saturday saw us sitting in the van outside the Cheese and Grain in Frome with a flask of coffee at 6.30 am, these guys were sound asleep in their tour bus next to us. I would have loved to have seen them play the evening before, but I think a late night bopping away to a reggae band might not have helped us cope with the organisation of the long awaited Vintage Bazaar......

Once we had got into the building and allocated the stalls, we opened the doors to the enthusiastic stall holders. I played a few lively White Mink tracks to get the atmosphere going.. we had a few problems with setting up the music, but a combination of my sons stereo and Mike's much more modern ipod arrangement we soon had things organised and swinging.

Soon the stalls were in place and the doors opened on the dot of 9 to allow the first wave of customers into the building. These are a small sample of the stalls on offer.

What I don't have are the images of the rails of fabulous clothing from the 1900's up until the 1960's. It wasn't a date lined event, but we wanted the clothing to be Antique and Vintage, and boy did the stall holders provide an amazing selection.... there were silk dressing gowns, 30's lame jackets, soft velvet 40's evening cloaks, faux fur 40's jackets (my mum snaffled that one!) and much, much more.

It seems that delicate china pretties are easier to photograph than rails of clothes! Please visit the following blogs for more images of the day. Sal's Snippets, Tracy at the Vintage Bothy, Elaine, Nostalgia at the Stonehouse, Lucy Bloom and The Vintage Magpie

Of course Clare and I need to say a lot of Thank You's for the combined efforts and energies that made for a buzzing and spectacular day.

The team at the Cheese and Grain provide an excellent service, and were happy to accommodate every request. Nothing was any trouble. The tables were put in position after the band finished the previous evening at 2am, lighting arranged and lots of useful advice provided as we set up.

Of course we couldn't have done it without Mr W and Mr Darling, and Clare's mum........ and all the friends who have supported us and assisted with spreading the word about the Bazaar. Edwin was a star on the desk for a few hours, helping out with the hustle and bustle of customers thronging into the building... a mere 1145 of them. The crew in the cafe were busy all day, and apparently sent out for more litres of milk - twice!

This was one of the most unusual and original stalls on the day, Debbie's amazing Gardenalia stand. This was Debbie's first ever fair and she certainly put on a spectacular show, next stop The Country Living Fair?


  1. Wow! you're speedy with reading comments and publishing :-)
    Now I need to get a calendar for 2011 to mark April 30th as a VERY SPECIAL DAY INDEED !!!
    sending you a big hug,
    D x

  2. Lovely post Liz. I'm so glad it all ran so smoothly. Thanks again for everything. xx

  3. Thank you so much Liz & Clare for a wonderfully organised and busy day on Saturday ~ I didn't stop talking to customers all day long...and didn't manage to get my camera out of my bag! I met some lovely new customers, was able to put faces to blog names, although missed out on some shopping for myself as it was so busy! Maybe next time ~ looking forward to it already!
    Well done and many thanks again.
    Ali x

  4. Thank you for your comments, it was quite a day & I still feel as if I am recovering.... might take all week at this rate!! lizzie x

  5. This looks super Liz and I can just imagine how fun it was to set up to White Mink, wonderful!

  6. Really upset I couldn't make it in the end but looking forward to the next one. The pictures look amazing. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Mandy x

  7. Well done to you both - it is a lot of hard work & preparation beforehand but worth it on the day!

    See you on the 28th!

  8. Thank you for more kind comments. So looking forward to the 28th Jayne! Lizzie x

  9. How lovely wish I could have come. I'm going to Vintage at the Village Hall - 29 Nov at Pamphill Village Hall Dorset ( see Ted & Bunny Blog )
    How exciting that you supplied things for the back in time shops for the BBC series.
    Let us know what they are so we can look out for them !
    My Dad retired to live near Shepton Mallet years ago ( he's no longer with us ) It was thriving then - so I was sad to see it so run down but great when it came alive again !

  10. ooh! see you there then !!! xx