Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The latest news on the Vintage Bazaar

Well, Autumn is fast approaching and with it comes the Vintage Bazaar. I have been over to
The Cheese and Grain today to have another look at the space and make sure we have enough room for BBC Homes and Antiques and the lovely makeover girls that Clare met at the Lindy Hop event in Bath. There a few extra bits of advice for stallholders that I would like to impart:
The hall has blackout curtains so there is a chance it will be quite dark in there on the day, please bring lamps and cables especially if you are in the side stalls as this is the darkest space. All electrical equipment must be safety checked.
The stands in the centre come with one table, but there should be space to add in smaller card tables, so do bring an extra small table or bookcase if you feel you need it. Anybody who has ever been to or done the Textile Fair in Ilminster knows the merits of "building up" to make the best use of space! For those of you wanting to bring a rail of clothes in the centre stands, it will be possible. We intend to place such stall holders near the changing area and away from stands selling china! (we all know the danger of a runaway rail!!)
All tables should be covered with cloths that reach to the floor.
PLEASE - No "one price rails", this is a quality fair and this sort of rail makes an event look cheap. This is a vintage event, so all clothing on the rails should be at least pre 1990.

There will be no early entry for trade buyers. Everyone can come in together at 9 am when the fair opens.
I have spoken to the lovely Lotty who runs the cafe within the Cheese and Grain, she offers fairtrade tea and coffee at reduced rates for stallholders. There is a delicious looking menu, including a big breakfast for 4.50.