Friday, 26 February 2010

A Vintage Bazaar.....something a little different?

Thank you to everyone who has commented on the ideas for the flyers for the fair. Clare and I need to get our heads together at the weekend to decide on what we want on the postcards. However, today I chanced upon this picture as a possible image for the fair? Although the fair will not be French.. or looking like a Parisian Departmental store. Somehow I feel the spirit of what we are doing is reflected in this..... it is also a fantastic eye catching image which is of course, what is needed!

I am now in the process of ordering flyers, so please let me know if you would like some to start distributing to friends & customers . The fair will be held on Saturday October 30th, opening at 9am and finishing at 3pm. Admission is £1. There is a cafe within the building and ample parking for stall holders and customers (pay and display). The nearby centre of town boasts some fantastic shops and the wonderful St Catherine's Hill which has a great atmosphere and fab selection of interesting shops.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Ideas for the flyers......

I have been playing around with images all day, trying to decide which would be suitable for the postcard style flyers that I am planning on ordering soon...

too busy????

Too bare????

What do you think? Which image (if any!) sums up the forthcoming event?

I love this dresser. Clare designed this one, but I need to check if the image has to be "landscape" rather than "portrait".....

I am constantly adding the stall holders details to the sidebar on the blog, please send me an image of what you would like shown once you have booked your stall.

On that subject, I am still waiting for payment & confirmation from a few people. Please could you try to get this to me by the end of the month, as I am still getting enquiries for stalls (and having to put people on the waiting list...)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day (and Thanks)

Just to say Happy Valentines Day and thank you to everyone who has sent payment for their stands. Once I have finalised the floor plan I will post on the blog.
As I receive payment and confirmation I will list the stall holders on the side bar. Where possible you can click on the picture to take you to their website or blog.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Where to put everybody?

I woke up this morning to 50 email enquiries regarding stalls at the fair! Thank you to everybody who has been in touch, and been patient when the booking form didn't open. (I even did a trial run and sent it to myself to check it was OK!) Anyway, hopefully everyone who has requested a form now has one, as it stands the fair is full if everybody who has requested a booking form sends it back. I am happy to make a note of anyone who wishes to go on the waiting list, as I know from experience this might come in handy.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A rough guide to the floor plan

Here is a rough guide to the layout of stalls at the Cheese & Grain. It is most definitely not to scale as there is lots of walkway space in reality, and plenty of room for the stall holders to sit behind their stalls in the central blocks.
There are 3 types of stall available

(A) single 6 foot table top stall, with plenty of space to sit behind. cost £30
These run in rows down the centre of the hall

(B) End of row stalls with x2 6 foot tables provided £40

(C) Side wall stall, with space for garment rail or additional table £45

If you are interested, please email me for a booking form. If you click on the floor plan you will see my terrible drawing skills more clearly.

We understand that there are side doors for loading, but they were covered by curtains today. The photo is just to give an idea of the space!

All coming along nicely!

Just to update you on the news...
Clare and I met up today and have drawn up a floor plan for the fair, checked out the catering arrangements (there is a great little cafe at one end of the hall) and drawn up a booking form. Please leave a comment and I will send out booking forms via email. Before you send it, please look at the floor plan so you can see which type of stalls are available. This should be posted on the blog in the next 24 hours.
The fair will open at 9 am, this is to maximise the Saturday morning trade in the town. The hall will be open from 7.30 for setting up, and we will assist with carrying in as much as we can as we do appreciate that 1.5 hours is a relatively short time.
There are power points throughout the hall, so you will be able to bring lighting, but PLEASE ensure all equipment is safe & would pass muster with an electrician!

Parking is outside the venue and at present costs £3.20 for the full day.
Due to the fact that the venue is often used for evening functions we will close the fair at 3pm. This will allow stall holders time to pack up and vacate the hall in good time, and also means that those who have to travel a fair distance can do some in some daylight!

We will be printing postcard style flyers for the event, and will be happy to send these out so that you can invite friends, customers and anyone you think might be interested..... the more the merrier and we all rely on "networking" to make events go well.

After much debate we have decided to make a small charge for admission. I know this a common bone of contention amongst people, but we feel that the balance of reasonable stall costs against small admission fee is a fair deal for everyone.

Monday, 1 February 2010

A New Vintage Event

The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone up to date in the events leading to The Vintage Bazaar in Frome on Saturday October 30th 2010. Clare and Lizzie are in the process of organising a fair at the Cheese and Grain. If you are interested in having a stall, please leave a comment & we will get back to you once we have full details of stall numbers and costs.