Friday, 26 February 2010

A Vintage Bazaar.....something a little different?

Thank you to everyone who has commented on the ideas for the flyers for the fair. Clare and I need to get our heads together at the weekend to decide on what we want on the postcards. However, today I chanced upon this picture as a possible image for the fair? Although the fair will not be French.. or looking like a Parisian Departmental store. Somehow I feel the spirit of what we are doing is reflected in this..... it is also a fantastic eye catching image which is of course, what is needed!

I am now in the process of ordering flyers, so please let me know if you would like some to start distributing to friends & customers . The fair will be held on Saturday October 30th, opening at 9am and finishing at 3pm. Admission is £1. There is a cafe within the building and ample parking for stall holders and customers (pay and display). The nearby centre of town boasts some fantastic shops and the wonderful St Catherine's Hill which has a great atmosphere and fab selection of interesting shops.


  1. I love it! It reminds me of a department store in Liege Belgium when I was very young.

    It is very eye catching.

    A great weekend to you both!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. I really like this picture very much! It has true 'Vintage' charm in itself. I prefer it to the earlier ensembles because I felt they didn't reflect the wide range of vintage items that will be available (looking at the list of stallholders - including me!) For me it catches the spirit of the proposed event as well being unusual enough to attract the 'eye' of potential buyers.Cx

  3. I love that picture. It's really perfect for what your fair will stand for! You immediately get the idea of the event. I feel invited by the picture to go and see what's actually going on there.

  4. Hi Lizzie
    I hope you are having a busy Sunday?!
    I am having exactly the same problem at the moment, trying to decide upon a name and image to promote our fair! It is proving to be quite tricky.
    I love the image that you have found.

  5. Lovely graphics and how elegant the visitors look.
    I am sure it will be replicated on the day!

    Michele x

  6. It's alovely image & also a bit different to others that are around at the moment.


  7. Thank you for your comments, this is the one we are going with.. now to struggle with vistaprint, it changes every time I visit it!!