Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A rough guide to the floor plan

Here is a rough guide to the layout of stalls at the Cheese & Grain. It is most definitely not to scale as there is lots of walkway space in reality, and plenty of room for the stall holders to sit behind their stalls in the central blocks.
There are 3 types of stall available

(A) single 6 foot table top stall, with plenty of space to sit behind. cost £30
These run in rows down the centre of the hall

(B) End of row stalls with x2 6 foot tables provided £40

(C) Side wall stall, with space for garment rail or additional table £45

If you are interested, please email me for a booking form. If you click on the floor plan you will see my terrible drawing skills more clearly.

We understand that there are side doors for loading, but they were covered by curtains today. The photo is just to give an idea of the space!


  1. Your plan drawing is fine Liz...I'd give you a B+ well done , super effort!!!!

  2. This is great to see, helps make my mind up :-)