Tuesday, 12 October 2010

All systems go at The Vintage Bazaar HQ

Only 2 more weeks until the Vintage Bazaar at the Cheese and Grain in Frome. I have had a few queries and questions about the setting up time. Clare and I will be in at 7am to ensure everything is correct with the layout. We will then let the stall holders in at 7.30. I have been asked again about early trade entry, there cannot be any. It is not fair on stall holders to have people perusing their stock when they are trying to set up. Nor is it fair on the customers standing outside in the queue (she adds optimistically) if they think other people have already been in "and bought all the best bits". Sorry to be firm on this, but as we are opening at 9am it is far better to call that "early entry" for everyone.
Also, I have had questions about the sketch plan that I previously posted. The loading doors at the side do not go through the middle of the stalls, I just wanted to indicate that there were several along each side of the building. On the days we have viewed the Cheese and Grain there have been stalls already set up which has made it hard to do a detailed drawing of the room.
Don't forget my earlier advice about lighting, especially at the sides. There are sockets, but do bring lots of extension cables in case you are not next to a socket.


  1. You are right, stick to your guns Lizzie. Thanks for the reminder about leccy!
    T X

  2. Hi girls...
    I agree, 9am is early enough for everyone, and to have the time to set up a pleasing stall means a lot less stress all round for stall holders.
    Do stall holders in the middle of the hall have access to electricity, or is it just the ones on the sides? I realise you won't want cables trailing over aisles. Thanks.
    Good luck with the final run up!
    Niki x

  3. Hi Niki, the guys at Cheese & Grain have said they can run cable to the central stalls, so there should be leccy for those stalls.

  4. I totally agree about early access.How dark is it on the centre aisles.I was not planning on bringing lights.

  5. Hi Keri, there is plenty of overhead lighting above the central isles so you should be fine. Lizzie x